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2024 Executive Members

Ben Stewart


Mal Gillham

Vice President

Melissa Neil


Jenna Pennell


2024 General Committee Members

Monica Milesi

Monica is in charge of running Tuesday Night Ladies Fixtures and can be contacted on                  0488 442 124

She also organises the clubs Social Events

Julie Witty

Julie is in charge of Wednesday Night Mixed Fixtures and can be contacted on 0418 717 217

Chantelle Freeman

Wendy Wregg
Paula Simpson

Paula is the clubs' Head Coach

She takes care of our annual club tournament and inter-club tennis events

Paula can be reached on 0432 956 467 or

Michael Wregg
Petrece Dwyer-Sayers
Kristine Bosworth

"Boz" as she is affectionately known is responsible for the mowing and maintenance of our perfectly manicured lawns at the club.  We are extremely grateful for her efforts.